The Circle

How to Join the Circle

Joining Notes
Photographers considering applying for membership should give serious attention to the following conditions.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a member should insert prints in 6 out of 7 boxes per year approximately. Although membership fees are kept to a minimum, postal charges amount to around £50 per year.
Mounts must be kept light-weight to keep postal costs as low as possible.
Members must adhere to the rota, although a member may negotiate postal arrangements with other members above/below on the rota and keep the Secretary informed of the progress of the folios.
Example: - Members Y Z A B C D are consecutive in the current rota.

Post Card Instructions
Having had the postal box (folio) for 5 days, member 'A' dates a card and sends it to member 'C', warning that the box has just been posted to member 'B'. 'C' will understand that the box is likely to arrive in approximately 13 days. (B should already have received a card from 'Z' who sent the box to 'A'! The box takes about 4 days to pass from 'A' to 'B' by Parcel Force etc.

Having had the box for 5 days 'B' sends it to 'C' and a card to 'D', etc! Every time a card is sent from one member to another an additional card is sent to the Secretary by the person who has just despatched the box so its position is known at all times (in theory!). This enables the box to be diverted in an emergency or traced in the event of going astray! The cards are in the box.

A member should fill in the folder covering their 'new' print, write their comments on the folders of the rest of the prints in the box (up to 28/29?) and maintain contact with membership via the diary accompanying each box. New members usually start by giving a potted history of them.

Prints take about 9 months to complete one circuit. Prints remain in the box for a second round so that all members should see the comments of each of the other members with all of the prints in front of them.

The Circle cannot be held responsible for any losses by members. Members are responsible for their share of postal charges.

Members may use the Copyright Logo of the Circle whilst enjoying full membership. This concession ceases on lapse of membership. Members must not claim to represent the Circle without the authority of the Committee.

On payment of the required fee – Joining Fee £10 and Annual Fee £10 - applicants will be placed with a mentor who will, in co-operation with the mentee (applicant), determine the time spent in the mentoring scheme. Subject to a vacancy, suitable applicants could be recommended by the mentor for immediate full membership if Circle requirements are met and subject to approval of the Committee. The remaining portion of the mentor fee is transferred to membership. ANYONE WISHING TO JOIN THE CIRCLE SHOULD INITIALLY USE THE "CONTACT US" FORM.